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Roller Conveyor: about. Parts, Components and Spares.

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Roller Pipe, Shafts, Bearings, Dust Covers, Sprockets as spares.

Roller Conveyors are mainly used to handle unit material like drums, boxes, trays, cartons pallets, heavy components etc. They are primarily of two types I – Gravity and II – Powered. Rest of the classifications are based on other considerations.

  • Gravity Rollers
  • Powerised Rollers
  • Power and Free Type Rollers
  • Radius Bend Rollers- 45 to 180 degree
  • Flexible Length Rollers

The material of construction may be PVC, Mild Steel or Stainless steel depending on the requirement.



Effective Sizes:
As per approved drawing

Equipment Type:

Industries Catered:

Materials Conveyed:
As per previous supply


MOC Available:
As specified in DAP and Spare List

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Roller Conveyor: about. Parts, Components and Spares.