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Special Design Cabin Elevators

Category: Industrial Lifts

Special Cage Type Cabin with Manual or Automatic gates for placement of materials within the cabin having UP/DOWN movement using a Hoist Machine at Top Machine Room for cabin travel from one floor to next in the new structure.

Material Lifting Batch Lifting

Effective Sizes:
From 500mm to 2000mm Rectangular or Square Cabins with Upto 3Ton Capacity

Equipment Type:
Special Industrial Hoist Lifts

Industries Catered:
Process Industry Automotive Paper Industry Warehousing Any

Materials Conveyed:
Heavy Loads Filled Pallets Filled Bags Paper Rolls Filled Cartons Any suitable Loads


MOC Available:
Cabin and gates: M.S. or S.S. 304 Std sections, Sheets, Structure: M.S. Full Structure with std sections or M.S. brackets in existing Civil structure or building

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Special Design Cabin Elevators

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