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We offer an array of custom heating solutions to accommodate our diverse customer base. Whether you are looking for air drying or curing and finishing, we can supply the ovens and cooling tunnels, including:     Conveyor systems    Independent control zones    Material handling systems and    Horizontal and vertical designs.
Note: we can build the tunnels to your designs, supply material handling equipments and integrate sub-systems during installation.
Alternatively entire project can be undertaken for supply through commissioning. The key technical and design for heat-transfer will be provided by our external engineering associates – experienced consultants for such turnkey projects.
General Capabilities    Assembly    Cable Assemblies    Engineering Services   Fabricating    Panel Fabrication    Turn Key
Industry Focus    Aerospace    Automotive    Consumer Goods    Electronics    Food Processing    Manufacturing    Medical    Military    Pharmaceutical    Semiconductor
Applications    Air-Drying    Annealing    Automotive Components        Headliners    Batch Ovens    Blow Molding Cooling/PVC Cooling    Casting Cool Down    Circuit Board Cooling    Drying Adhesives    Liquid Coating    Moisture Dry-Off    Plastic Curing    Plastic Finishing    Powder Coating    Pre-Heating    Wood Finishing
Configuration    Batch    Inline
Oven Features    Automated Loading Systems    Blanket Insulation    Conveyor System    Horizontal    Independent Control Zones   Indexing    Material Handling Systems    Vertical
Air Flow    Direct Nozzle    Max 100ft/min (Per Nozzle)    Open Wire Belt to aid Airflow
Air Circulation    Top to Bottom    Upward
Control System    Percentage Timers    PID    PLC    SCR    Touch Screen
Maximum Minimum Temperature    Max 800°F
Heat Source    Electricity
Electrical Ratings    Min: 120V    Max: 600V    1 Phase / 3 Phase
Materials Heated    Glass    Metals    Plastic    Rubber    Wood
Lead Times (Dependant on project)    12-14 weeks

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Thermal processes are multifarious and often place high demands on the furnace system and the related process engineering. Especially in the case of high-quality products, for which reproducibility of the process parameters must be ensured, it is indispensable that the parameters in terms of atmospheres and temperatures remain stable.

HIGH VELOCITY AIR CONVECTION OVENS recirculate air at high velocities to remove solvents and water from coatings and accelerate the cure. In some instances, the part may be processed in an IR oven for final bake.

Design of this oven to be a closed loop recirculation system with minimal losses is possible. A small percentage of air is exhausted to remove accumulated solvents or moisture. It is important to keep the humidity level at a minimum.

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Heat treatment
plants :The design of the circulating air flow, the definition of the heating zone length (gas-heated or electrically heated), the conveyor concept as well as the design of the quench will be optimized and adapted to the requirements of the actual products before accomplishing this objective

Eg: Aluminum alloys wheels for automotive industry

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Our CURING OVENS are designed in such a way so as to consume low power with a uniform temperature in the working space. The powder is firstly melted at a required degree of temperature for a certain time, the product is then chemically reacted.

A gas burner and a fan is required for heating the materialby the hot air in the curing oven which helps in heating the coating. The curing time may be short or long depending upon the load of the product. Curing Oven is dependable and flexible.

Infrared radiations are used in the infrared ovens to increase the heat.

A gas Fired Oven is generally cost benefit and efficient. Excessive aircan cause the powder to be blown off of the parts. In order to avoid such a turbulence the ductis built to enable even distribution of heat. Any unevenness in temperature may lead to uneven coloring of the product. Therefore balancing the airflow and temperature is very essential.

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