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Chain Conveyor – floor based system

Category: Chain Conveyor- OverHead & Floor Based

…used for moving of trolleys, made with special latching mechanism. convenient system for moving of large quantity of units over large distances.

operation: continuous operation with closed-loop circuit layout.

easy to use, operate and maintain; does not need dedicated space to be set-out.

slow speed of movement ensures safety for pedestrian traffic. can be useful to replace forklift movement.

needs clean working environment, regular maintenance and upkeep.

flexible layout possible; minor gradients can be handled.

Conveying Storage Warehouse

Effective Sizes:
to be determined as per specific layout.

Equipment Type:
OverHead Chain Conveyor

Industries Catered:
Automotive 3PL Component Manufacturing Any

Materials Conveyed:
anything placed on special trolley / hand pallet truck.


MOC Available:
Generally: MS with EN 8 Rollers Chain

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Chain Conveyor – floor based system