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Category: Automation Systems, Turnkey Material Handling Projects

We offer custom designed controls as an integral feature of turnkey systems. We locate photocells, limit switches, operator interface terminals (OIT), push button stations and make field connections. It is essential to put control in the hands of your system operators in a manner simple to comprehend. Most frequently controls packages contain Allen Bradley brand controls, our standard control components. However, occasionally it is necessary to use other brands to facilitate customer requests. We can design, install and implement a custom electrical systems package–placing your systems operators in total control. …

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Category: Turnkey Material Handling Projects

Installation & Commissioning: for field-teams
Exhaustive list as issuable by Stores-I for site

Spanners –one side Open and other side Ringstandard sizes 6,8,10,12 ( 16/17, 18/19, 10/11 ,12/13 )
Alan Key Set
Hacksaw frame and 3 spare blades
Scriber and Chalk
Punch- Centre
Screwdrivers 1 big, 1 medium
Standard Pliers and 1 Circlip Plier.
Drill bits- Standard sizes 5, 8, 8 1/2, 10, 12
Tap sets- standard sizes 6, 8, 10
Measuring tape and steel Ruler 12”
Right Angle
Spirit level
Welding glass
Gas Cutting Goggles
Heat resistant Gloves
Emory paper
Extension Board
Waste Cloth
Screw Spanner
Files- straight and half round
Portable Drilling Machine
Portable Grinding Machine
… any other tools need Project …

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Bulk Materials Handling Conveyors

Category: Belt Conveyors, Consultation for Material Handling, Turnkey Material Handling Projects

Bulk Materials Handling Conveyors
Our Engineering can design and supply a full range of conventional bulk materials handling conveyors and conveying equipment to handle minerals, components, packages, etc – including the following:
Troughed Belt Conveyors widely used in industry to move large quantities of materials such as sized stone, sand

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Category: Turnkey Material Handling Projects

Dhanvanthri has grown from its past of being a predominantly manufacture various types of conveyor and lift systems. We are now a single-window provider of a comprehensive range of ‘Material Handling Solutions’ encompassing a wide spectrum of products and services.
We have created a comprehensive environment with our associates and consulting experts to offer the best design, development and manufacturing platforms required for top-quality products. To provide our customers the best, we have tied-up with other companies to offer high-end intelligent systems and also supply Standard MHE products.
We also design full …

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Tilting/Tumbling/Upending Units

Category: Automation Systems, Roller Conveyors, Turnkey Material Handling Projects

Orientation Changing Mechanisms for Heavy components or for ony container emtying function using Pneumatic or Electrical sub-assemblies for the Tilting, Tumbling, Upending, Lifting, Turning operations.

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Check Weigher Units

Category: Automation Systems, Belt Conveyors, Turnkey Material Handling Projects

The check weighing units are made for improving efficiency in process where the weighing of Unit loads is a critical part and intricately linked to the material flow. Belt conveyors are generally used with automation sensors and logic to ensure one-at-time movement of components / parts on to weighing station.
1. The weighing option can be static / stand-alone type with manual input / output involvement.

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