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Dryer Cooling Tunnels

Category: Heater Dryer Cooler Tunnel Conveyors

Cooling tunnels maybe fabricated – two blowers force ambient or outside air in while drawing the heated air from the parts out the opposite end. Simply passing air over a part results in significantly faster cooling.
Why you need paint spray booth ?
LAW :   There is a statutory requirement under the Factories Act that adequate ventilation be installed wherever spray painting is carried out.
SAFETY : Spraying paint may involve fire risk from both solvent and overspray deposits. A spray booth is essential to dispose off both.

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Furnace Heating Tunnels

Category: Heater Dryer Cooler Tunnel Conveyors

We offer an array of custom heating solutions to accommodate our diverse customer base. Whether you are looking for air drying or curing and finishing, we can supply the ovens and cooling tunnels, including:     Conveyor systems    Independent control zones    Material handling systems and    Horizontal and vertical designs.
Note: we can build the tunnels to your designs, supply material handling equipments and integrate sub-systems during installation.
Alternatively entire project can be undertaken for supply through commissioning. The key technical and design for heat-transfer will be provided by our external engineering associates – …

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Multi-Tier Conveyor Systems

Category: Automation Systems, Belt Conveyors, Heater Dryer Cooler Tunnel Conveyors

Multi-Tier Conveyor  allow the option to expand the conveyor line upward.
Perfect for delivery and take-away systems or inspection systems, unfinished or uninspected packages can be delivered on one conveyor, then placed on another conveyor when finished.
Conveyors can move in different directions and at different speeds.

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