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Category: Automation Systems, Turnkey Material Handling Projects

We offer custom designed controls as an integral feature of turnkey systems. We locate photocells, limit switches, operator interface terminals (OIT), push button stations and make field connections. It is essential to put control in the hands of your system operators in a manner simple to comprehend. Most frequently controls packages contain Allen Bradley brand controls, our standard control components. However, occasionally it is necessary to use other brands to facilitate customer requests. We can design, install and implement a custom electrical systems package–placing your systems operators in total control. …

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Category: Automation Systems

Expandable Collapsible Conveyor (mobile) used for light loads.
– can be non-powered with manual involvement for movement of goods
– can be powered, by motors run within each rollers
most suited for <30kgs carton boxes with of medium size; gentle handling of conveyor with no impact load upon it directly.
biggest advantage is: this is space saving equipment when not in use.

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Category: Automation Systems

contact us for information about our latest developments in this field.
– mechanized (semi-auto) palletising for bags.
– pick and place robotic (6-axis) solution for Bags (high volume applications only).
– auto-palletising of drums; with pallet feed magazine.
– tin-can palletising (multi-layered/ programmable combinations)
also associated products shrink wrapping m/c, bag flattening, pallet draw-out chain conveyor, etc… can be integrated to the palletising line to reduce manpower and improve overall-process efficiency.

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Check Weigher Units

Category: Automation Systems, Belt Conveyors, Turnkey Material Handling Projects

The check weighing units are made for improving efficiency in process where the weighing of Unit loads is a critical part and intricately linked to the material flow. Belt conveyors are generally used with automation sensors and logic to ensure one-at-time movement of components / parts on to weighing station.
1. The weighing option can be static / stand-alone type with manual input / output involvement.

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Pick and Place Units

Category: Automation Systems, Consultation for Material Handling

Pneumatic, Vacuum, Manual, Electro-Magnetic, hydraulic operated mechanical units with cross travel, long travel and Up/Down operation through Linear Guideways.

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