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Rear Axle Assembly

Industry:Automobiles (farm equipments)
Material Handled:
Rear Axle Components And Assembly
Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:
-Rear Axle With Flange To Be Fitted With An External Bearing With Housing
-Rear Housing To Be Fitted With Internal Bearing
-Rear Axle With Bearing Needed To Be Aligned With Rear Housing With Bearing
-After Pressing Axle With Housing, Assembly To Be Taken For Assembly
Issues Faced:
-High Manual Efforts In Fitments Of Bearings And Assembly Operations
-Throughput Of Operation Is Un-Uniform And Unpredictable
-Haphazard Inventory Management Of Components & Assemblies
Solution Provided With Equipments:
-Buffer Roller Conveyor For Manual Placement Of Individual Axles
-A Hydraulic Press Is Used To Press The Axle Onto The External Bearing
-Using Grippers, Individual Rear Assembled Axles Are Picked And Traversed
-Rear Housings Are Manually Placed On Another Hydraulic Press Trolley
-Trolley Is Taken Under Hydraulic Press And Internal Bearing Is Pressed
-Rear Housing With Bearing Is Taken To Axle Placement Position
-Rear Axle Is Lowered Into Housing With Precise Positioning
-Lowered Axle With Housing Is Taken To Hydraulic Press For Assembly
-Assembled Axle With Housing Is Taken For Assembly With Buffer Conveyor
-Minimum Manual Efforts Towards Fitting Of Bearings, Assembly
-Achievement Of Regularized And Uniform Throughput
-Planned & Designated Inventory And Machinery Layout


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