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Ibc Assembly Process

Industry:Ibc Manufacturers – Pvc Containers
Material Handled:
Assembly Of Ibc – Pvc Container With Stiffeners
Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:
-Assembly Of Ibc Includes All The Processes
-Gi Cage Sections , Drain Nozzle To Be Fitted On Line
-Hydraulic Testing To Be Effected On Line
-Conveying To Be Automated
-Accessibility And Convenience Of Operators To Be Addressed
Issues Faced:
-Light Pvc Container But Huge In Volume
-The Manual Handling Of Each Crate Causes Damage To Product
-Shelf Life Of Fresh Harvested Grapes Being 3 Hours- Time Is A Constraint
-Weighed Pouches In Export Packs Can Be Retrieved For Container Loading
-Weight Of Inward Material To Be Recorded For Settlement
Solution Provided With Equipments:
-Light Platform Trolleys To Receive Inward Pvc Crates With Grape Bunches
-Weigh Scale With Zero Calibration Of Weight Of Trolley And Crates
-Sorting, Weighing And Packing Table  Conveyor For Quick Process
-Loaders & Unloaders With Light Platform Trolleys For Easy Movement
-Reduced Muscle Power And Fast Info On Weights Of Inward Material .
-Sorting Operators Ergonomic Handling Of Inward Crates
-Packing Materials Reaching Operators Without Delay
-Weighing And Packing On Speciall Y Designed , Dedicated Tables
-Stuffing Into Cold Storage Well Within Time For Shelf Life Of Grape Fruit.

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