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Carton From Truck To First Floor Up-Down Direct

Industry:Wine Bottles In Carton, Fmcg, Warehousing


Material Handled:

Filled Cartons Or Boxes


Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

-Filled Cartons Coming From Truck Need To Be Checked And Sent To First Floor Directly From Truck Unloading Point At Steep Angle.

-Immediately After Unloading, Boxes Need To Be Checked For Weights& Sealed With Bopp Tapes.

-System Needs Forward And Reverse Operation From First To Ground Floor

-This Is To Happen One After The Other At The Speed Of Unloading The Trucks


Issues Faced:

-Huge Manual Effort For Moving The Cartons To The First Floor Manually

-No Verification Happens Of Cartons Entering From Trucks Or To First Floor

-Damages Happen To The Cartons And Contents Due To Multiple Handling

-Two Way Movement Of Cartons Is A Tedious Task And Very Laborious


Solution Provided With Equipments:

-Infeed Spacer Conveyors On Ground Floor From Production And Truck Area

-Dynamic ‘On The Go’ Weighing Of Different Tare Weights And Auto Carton Sealing Integration For Multi-Size Carton Sizes And Weights

-Inclined ‘S’ Pusher Type Reversible Conveyor To Take Cartons One After Another From Ground Floor To First Floor And Reverse

-Plc Based Control Panel With Logic And Integration For Managing Traffic

-Outfeed Conveyors On First Floor To Link With Warehouse Stack Locations



-Huge Saving In Manual Efforts For Smooth And Effective Travel Of Cartons

-Traffic Control Ensures Smooth Material Travel Flow Of Complete System

-Weight Tolerances Set On The System Capture The Various Carton Sizes

-Truck Loading And Unloading Operations Become Much Smoother

-Proper Control Of Inventory And Minimum Inventory Carrying Costs.

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