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Carton Outfeed Traffic Automation

Industry: Soap, Fmcg


Material Handled:

Filled Cartons Or Boxes


Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:

-Filled Cartons Coming From Different Manufacturing Lines Need To Be Consolidated To Single   Output Point

-After Filling, They Need To Be Checked For Weights

-After Weight Checking, They Need To Be Sealed With Bopp Tape


Issues Faced:

-Throughput From Different Packaging Machines Is Random And Un-Predictable

-Cartons Coming From Different Lines Are Unable To Be Identified For Type Or Size And Weight

-Huge Manual Effort For Palletizing And Again De-Palletizing Of The Cartons

-No Direct Connections Amongthe Lines For Effective Material Handling

-Manual Packing Of The Soaps Without A Systematic Manner Of Packing


Solution Provided With Equipments:

-Packing Belt Conveyors With Tilting Stations For Carton Packing

-Multiple  Outfeed Power Roller Conveyors With Rotating Provision

-Main Line Segmented Power Roller Conveyors With Common Line Integration With Traffic Control To Ensure No Boxes Clash

-Plc Based Control Panel With Logic And Integration For High Productivity

-Dynamic ‘On The Go’ Weighing Of Different Tare Weights And Auto Carton Sealing Integration For Multi-Size Carton Sizes And Weights.



-Traffic Control Ensures Smooth Material Travel Flow Of Complete System

-Weight Tolerances Set On The System Capture The Various Carton Sizes

-Consolidation Of All The Cartons To A Single Location For Palletization



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