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Bulk Stuffing Into Containers

Industry:Container Stuffing Facility
Material Handled:
Corn , Maize, Cereals  Etc
Activity To Be Mechanized/Automation:
-Corn, Maize And Cereals Come In Gunny Bags To The Terminal By Wagons/ Trucks
-They Have To Be Loaded Into Containers As Bulk Cargo As Naked Cereals
-Containers Are 20 Ton Standard Containers
-Gunny Bags, Metal Objects, And  Loose Threads To Be Removed
-Time, Dusting, Pilferage, And Labour Are The Major Problems.
Issues Faced:
-Train Wagons And Trucks That Arrive At Csf Are Detained For Long Timw
-Removing Of Bags And Loose Stuffing Into Containers Take 8 Labour 3 Hrs
-Spillage, Dusting And Shortage Of Labour Are Major Issues
-Full Capacity Of The Container ( 20 Tons) Is Not Fully Met By Manual Process
-Equipment Needs To Be Portable To Roll Out From Location To Location
Solution Provided With Equipments:
-Portable Pneumatic Based Equipment Provided
-Ducting And Sealing Of Door With Infeed Hopper Fitted With Metal Separator And Grill For Loose Threads
-Three Persons Bringing The Bags And Cutting The Bag And Loading The Hopper @ 7 To 8 Bags A Minute.
-Detention Time For Trucks And Wagons Saved
-Dependancy On Large Labour Force Avoided
-Spillage And Pilferage Is Avoided
-Portability And Location Constraint Addressed
-Full Potential Of The Container Is Served With Benefits Of Freight.
-Reduced Muscle Power For The Whole Operation.

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