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Barcode Pack Station

Industry: Assembly Line


Material Handled:

-Rear View Mirror Assembly

-Activity To Be Mechanized/Automated:

-Manual Shrink Sleeve Placement And Shrink Tunnel

-Manual Table Top Packing Of Rear View Mirror Sets In Primary Boxes


Issues Faced:

-The Trucks Detention Time Is Long

-Group Of 6 Persons Are Employed In Destacking From The Arriving Truck And Walking Down The Make Shift Ramp And Stack It Into The Container.

-As The Arriving Truck Empties And The Container Is Filling, The Equipment Has To Suitably Shift

-Time And Muscle Power Of The Workmen Is To Be Reduced



-Detention Time For Trucks Saved

-Dependancy On Large Labour Force Avoided

-Reduced Muscle Power And Walking With Load Is Reduced.

-Fixed And Reserved Station For This Activity  Helps Changeover Time

-Easy Destacking From Trucks  And Stacking Into Containers.

 -Time And Energy Saved In The Whole Operation


 Solution Provided With Equipments:

-Reversable Belt Conveyor With Powerised Drum Is Provided

-The Fixed Portion Of The Equipment Is 1.5 Metres In The Middle.

-The Cantilever Portion Of The Belt Conveyor Is About 4 Metres

-The Reversible Frame Of The Conveyor Allows Space For The Emptying Truck And The Filling Container.


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