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Bulk Materials Handling Conveyors

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Bulk Materials Handling Conveyors

Our Engineering can design and supply a full range of conventional bulk materials handling conveyors and conveying equipment to handle minerals, components, packages, etc – including the following:

Troughed Belt Conveyors widely used in industry to move large quantities of materials such as sized stone, sand

and gravel, woodchips, sewage sludges, chemical fertilisers, etc.


Flexible Sidewall Belt Conveyors – belts fitted with flexible sidewall and cross cleats (often called pocket belts) are used to carry dry materials at much steeper angles and often in swan neck configurations.

Bucket Elevators of either the belt and bucket or chain and bucket used to vertically lift materials where space prevents the use of conventional conveyors.

Scraper Conveyors utilising either engineered or round link chains for stickier materials or for where it is desirable to transport the materials in an enclosed manner.

Box Feeders of either the chain and slat or chain and flight type where quantities of material such as brickworks clay can be stored and fed out in a controlled manner to suit process requirements.

Flat Belt Conveyors of either the pan deck or roller bed type to handle components, packages, bulk top lift bags, etc.

Flat Belt Feeders used under hoppers fed by front loaders or similar plant or machinery where a controlled feed out is required.

Chain and Slat Conveyors used to move heavy items such as pallets of bricks or other palletised items.

Gravity or Powered Roller Conveyors often used to move packages in warehouses and packing departments.

Overhead Type Chain Conveyors used to transport components along assembly lines etc.

Woven wire belts – special belts woven from steel wire to carry hot items, or to allow wet items to drain.

As with all other conveyor and materials handling products and industries, we have extensive experience in bulk handling projects, supplying components, conveyors and complete systems. Bulk handling equipment for many diverse applications, including mobile units for stockpiling and ship-loading, static systems for transport, stockpiling, screen and silo feeding.

The extensive range of components include standard and specialised troughing idlers, impact idlers, return rollers and drums. The experience of component supply enables us to design conveyors and systems to provide the most economical, efficient and reliable schemes. Our spares division is able to manufacture spares to short lead-times and ship individual or multiple items for replacement or repair to a support our installation across world wide locations.

Standard Troughing Idlers

Impact Troughing Idlers

Self Aligning Troughing Idlers

Plain Return Idlers

Chevron Rubber Lagged Drum


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